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February 14, 2007

Intype 0.2.1 and Intype Project Manager

Filed under: News, Programming — Mihai @ 10:35 am

Intype is a code editor for Windows that mimics TextMate (they say it’s not a clone or port of TextMate but bundles are compatibles). It supports (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby (including Ruby on Rails & RHTML), PHP (including CakePHP), Python, Java, C, C++, Lua, Smarty, Markdown, Textile, Twiki, XML, YAML, and more are coming.

Intype is new and it’s just in Alpha state and recently version 0.2.1 was released that offers undo/redo and drag&drop. It curently lacks tabs but I think they will be introduced in the next version because it’s the more requested feature. It also adds Perl, Python, YAML bundles and new snippets for the C bundle.

I use Intype with Ruby on Rails development because bundles speeds up writing a lot and it’s the best replacement for TextMate (I wish I had a Mac). I still evaluate it and RadRails but I think I’ll go with Intype because it’s faster and smaller.

Speaking of tabs a user made Intype Project Manager that acts as placeholder for Intype windows, has a file browser and support tabs.


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