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May 1, 2008

Braid 0.4

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Braid 0.4 has been released, Braid is a simple tool to help track git and svn vendor branches in a git repository. I had a previous coverage of Braid 0.3.

The new features include squashed mode, in which you have only one commit when adding a mirror instead of having all the history and a team mode. It also requires Git version or higher (see my post on updating git). If you hit any bug please report them.

The wiki has usage and examples. You can install it with rubygems (don’t forget to upgrade to RubyGems 1.1.1):

gem sources -a http://gems.github.com/
gem install evilchelu-braid

Or you can get it from the Git repository.

If you used my previous Braid tutorial here’s how to upgrade Rspec to the git repository and get the latest version. If you do not have rspec svn setup you can skip this part.

braid remove vendor/plugins/rspec
braid remove vendor/plugins/rspec_on_rails
git merge braid/track

I think I hit a bug and had to delete the folders manually:

 rm -rf vendor/plugins/rspec vendor/plugins/rspec_on_rails

Now to install the git repositories:

braid add -p -t git git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec.git
braid add -p -t git git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec-rails.git
git merge braid/track

April 20, 2008

Last week links

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The MikeOS Handbook

MikeOS is a 16-bit real mode operating system for x86-compatible PCs, written entirely in assembly language, which boots from a floppy disk or CD-ROM.

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April 14, 2008

Updating git on ubuntu

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Updated with the latest git release

I am using Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy and use git a lot, the latest version in gutsy repository is but the latest version of Git is so here’s a quick tip for compiling git.

First remove git if you have installed it from repositories:
sudo apt-get remove git git-svn

Then go into a temporary folder where you will download and compile git:
wget http://kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/git-
sudo apt-get build-dep git-core
tar xjf git-
cd git-
sudo make install

If you have a dual core CPU and want to use them both to compile faster use make -j2 instead of make

Now enjoy your hand compiled git 🙂

PS: For git gui I had to to install tk (sudo apt-get install tk).

April 6, 2008

Nokia 6120 Internet via Bluetooth and 3G/GPRS

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I have a Nokia 6120 Classic, with Symbian S60, that I love. I usually check my mail on it and browse using Opera Mini 4.

Last week I have been away and used it to connect to the internet on my laptop. When I connect it with the miniUSB cable it is seen on linux as /dev/ttyACM0. On bluetooth I connect to it using rfconnect:

sudo rfcomm bind rfcomm0 <your phone bluetooth ID> <your phone channel, mine is 4>.

To see the bluetooth ID use hcitool scan. Using sdptool browse <bluetooth ID> you can find the channel, search for Dial-Up networking service. To connect I use pppd.

Here is my /etc/ppp/peers/vodafone file that connects to Vodafone: (more…)

Last week links

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CitrusByte Creating a new rails app shouldn’t be boring

A script that automates the things you usually do when creating a new rails app

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