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February 14, 2008

Braid updated to 0.3

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Braid has been refactored and now supports svn and git, it uses merge-subtree for git repositories and git-svn to track svn repositories. The meta information format has been changed too, now uses YAML::Store

Version 0.3.2 is the latest currently released, it now fetches only HEAD  revision instead of mirroring the whole repository.

The commands has been changed, I have updated my guide on installing rspec with braid.

You can also see the usage with ‘braid help’.


February 4, 2008

Installing rspec with Braid [Updated]

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See my Braid 0.4 post for informations about how to upgrade.

Updated to work with the latest version (0.3.1)

Braid is a tool made by Cristi Balan and is a simple tool to help track vendor branches across different SCMs.

It was originally named giston, and was providing functionality similar to piston for git. Braid, however, will work with most SCMs as both source and host.

Warning, Braid is still under development and may change in the future.

To start you need to get and install, on a linux like my ubuntu you can do it by writing:

mihai@mihai-laptop:~$ sudo gem install main open4
mihai@mihai-laptop:~$ git clone git://github.com/evilchelu/braid.git braid
mihai@mihai-laptop:~$ cd braid
mihai@mihai-laptop:~$ sudo ruby setup.rb

For this example I will use it to install rspec (the development version) on a Rails project. Go to your project root and type:

December 28, 2007

Git on Windows

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Git is my favourite VCS and one of the disadvantages commonly heard is lack of windows support, Git is extremely fast but only on POSIX operating systems. The official way of using Git on windows is by installing it via Cygwin.

But there’s also a fork that allows compiling MinGW/MSys. Msysgit is a project that makes installing this port easy.

Git cloneEven though it’s not a final product I decided to try msysgit (version 1.5.4-rc1-preview20071221). It’s very easy to install and use and it also installs bash along with other nix tools. It’s not as fast as the linux version but it cloned the kernel tree pretty quick. Even git-gui and gitk work perfectly. If you need to use windows then you should give msysgit a try.

Gitk Git-Gui

PS: If you haven’t watched Linus gave a really good talk about Git. And if you don’t use Git then you should.

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