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January 23, 2008

Going at Wurbe #5

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Monday I went to a meeting of Bucharest web developers called Wurbe (web urbe). The topic was Testing: Unit-testing, TDD, BDD.

Octavian Costache (Vivi) held a very nice speech about why it is good to test and very important how unit testing will improve your sex life (but mainly your code). He succeeded convincing me and started writing more tests.

Other interesting talks were Cosmin Lehene’s talk about TDD, Adrian Spinei about testing webapps in windows where he demoed testing Gmail using WatiN, Mihai Bulhac about using Watir, Bogdan Roman with Selenium and Cristi Balan and Sergiu Truta with RSpec and respectively RSpec stories.

All in all it was very interesting to find out why it is good to test and that most major companies use it. It seems that TDD is indeed proving useful. I actually improved my unit tests and really take care about code coverage. You can view the slides on wurbe website (most of them are in english).


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